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Before booking your cleaning service with Eliteness Cleaning Maid Service, it’s important to understand our tiers of cleaning and maid service, as well as what packages and add-ons we offer. Knowing what’s available and the differences between them can help you be sure that you’re selecting the best cleaning service for your home or office.


Residential Cleaning Macon
  • Standard House/ Apartment Cleaning Services

    Standard House/ Apartment Cleaning Services

    Our standard cleaning is intended for regular maintenance to keep your home clean and healthy. It assumes a certain level of existing cleanliness and includes all items on our standard cleaning checklist.

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  • Standard House/ Apartment Cleaning Services

    Deep Cleaning Services For Home & Business

    This service allows extra time for cleaners to pay more attention to neglected areas like tubs and showers. It adds additional checklist items, including baseboards, and light switches, door frames, and the outside of cabinets.

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  • Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning Services

    Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning Services

    Designed for people who don’t have the time to clean during a hectic move, this service includes a deep cleaning in addition to cleaning the insides of the fridge, oven, and cabinets. Select this service only if you are moving out of your home.

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  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning Services

    Heavy-Duty Cleaning Services

    This service is for homes that need more than just a deep clean. Reasons for this could include excessive animal fur, excessive clutter, or post-construction cleaning. If you are unsure, we may advise you to select this service.

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  • Automated Airbnb & Vacation Rental  Home Cleaning

    Automated Airbnb & Vacation Rental Home Cleaning

    Your Airbnb cleaning service can be the major difference between outstanding reviews and ongoing cash flow. Eliteness Cleaning Maid Service specializes in providing a high-performing cleaning service without the hassle.

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Before we arrive

Residential Cleaning Athens

If you are aware that your home is cluttered, please ensure that the home is picked up before our arrival.

Once we arrive

Residential Cleaning Atlanta

Any work performed outside the regular scope such as de-cluttering or organizing will be charged at our hourly rate prior to starting the actual service. This applies to any situation, which would prevent us from initiating the cleaning process at arrival.


    • Dust from top to bottom
    • Dust light fixtures and fans
    • Dust blinds and window sills
    • Sink & Back splash
    • Cabinets – dusted and spot checked
    • All countertops
    • Small appliances
    • Glass doors
    • Microwave (inside and outside)
    • Floors Vacuumed and Mopped
    • Stovetop and Stovefan
    • Oven (outside only)
    • Fridge (outside only)
    • Polish Stainless Steel
    • Empty trash
    • Dishwasher (outside only)
    • Hand Wash Dish (Up to 5 max) Rinse then Load Dishwasher

    • Dust from top to bottom
    • Dust light fixtures and fans
    • Dust blinds windowsills
    • Dust cobwebs, shelves & pictures
    • Clean all light switches & doorknobs
    • Vacuum all floors
    • Mop hard surface flooring
    • Vacuum Stairs
    • Vacuum Rugs
    • Empty Trash
    • Clean all mirrors
    • Clean glass surfaces
    • Remove fingerprints/smudges
    • Straighten and Make Presentable
    • Make Beds, change sheets (if clean sheets made available)

    • Dust from top to bottom
    • Dust light fixtures and fans
    • Dust blinds windowsills
    • Sinks
    • Countertops
    • Mirrors
    • Faucets (also polished)
    • Toilet
    • Floor mopped
    • Empty trash
    • Shower stall
    • Bathtub
    • Shower racks
    • Straighten and Make Presentable

    • Wipe down Baseboards
    • Clean Oven Hood Vent
    • Wipe down Windowsills and Frames
    • Wipe down Cabinet Fronts
    • Kitchen Grease Buildup Removal
    • Dust Ceiling Fans
  • Move In / Move Out

    • Interior of Refrigerator
    • Interior of Freezer
    • Interior of Oven
    • Interior of Dishwasher
    • Interior of Cabinets
    • Sweep Pantry Floor
    • Wipe down Blinds and Shutters
    • Wipe down Door & Door Frames

    • Post Construction (Renovations, Drywall Dust, Remodel)
    • Laundry Folding
    • Home Organization
    • Interior Windows
    • Sweeping Garage
    • Wash Waste Baskets
    • More Upon Request

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What Does A Basic Cleaning Include?

    Our basic cleaning service at Eliteness Cleaning Maid Service typically includes dusting of all reachable surfaces, cleaning of floors and bathrooms, wiping down kitchen appliances and surfaces, and general tidying up of the living spaces. This cleaning service is designed to provide a thorough cleaning of your home and maintain its cleanliness. However, please note that the exact details of our basic cleaning service can vary depending on the specific needs of your home and the cleaning plan that you choose. We offer customized cleaning plans to meet our customers' specific needs, so please contact us to discuss your cleaning requirements and to learn more about our cleaning services.

    • How To Choose A Cleaning Service?

    Finding a trustworthy cleaning service can take some time and effort. Choose a local cleaning service that meets all of these requirements, as well as one that has a solid reputation and comes highly recommended by its clientele. Investigate the service's pricing structure and features to be sure you'll be happy with your purchase. Finally, if you care about the environment, verify that they are cleaning with green products.

    • Is A Maid Service Worth It?

    If you have the disposable income, desire a spotless home on a regular basis, and value your time, then hiring a maid service may be a good investment. Professional maid services not only clean your home thoroughly, but also offer individualized cleaning schedules and high-quality cleaning supplies. Having your home cleaned by professionals also means you have more time for other pursuits or relaxation. The value of a maid service, in the end, is subjective, depending on the individual's needs and priorities.

    • Do Maids Do Dishes?

    Depending on the maid service, the majority of maid services do not offer dishwashing as part of their normal cleaning services. However, some businesses like Eliteness Cleaning Maid Service will provide extra services, such as dishwashing, for a reasonable price.