Bass Performance Hall

Bass Performance Hall is located in the center of downtown Fort Worth and is a breathtaking architectural marvel that serves as the city's finest performing arts venue. From its imposing façade to its precisely constructed interior, the hall provides an unparalleled experience for music, theater, and dance enthusiasts. The grandiose appearance of Bass Performance Hall will fascinate you as you approach it. The facade of the hall combines classic and contemporary elements, with its famous limestone façade embellished with exquisite sculptures and ornamental detailing. The spectacular entrance, surrounded by towering angels, sets the tone for the remarkable acts to come. Step through the doors and you'll be in the stunning Van Cliburn Concert Hall. The hall, named after the legendary pianist Van Cliburn, has outstanding acoustics and space for nearly 2,000 people. From the rich wood paneling to the chandelier-adorned ceiling, every detail is intended to enhance the audience's experience and create a sense of grandeur.

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Texas Ballet Theater, and the Fort Worth Opera are among the permanent groups in Bass Performance Hall. These prestigious institutions, along with a roster of visiting performers, grace the stage with a broad range of performances throughout the year, from symphony concerts and ballets to Broadway plays and opera productions. Whether you enjoy classical music, contemporary dance, or theatrical productions, Bass Performance Hall has something for everyone. Bass Performance Hall also includes the compact McDavid Studio, a flexible venue that hosts smaller-scale performances, chamber music concerts, and recitals, in addition to its main concert hall. This adaptable theater offers an up-close and personal experience, allowing spectators to engage with the performers and their skill more intimately.

Bass Performance Hall serves as a community gathering area as well as a performance venue. With its high ceilings and beautiful decor, the Grand Lobby serves as a bustling social hub where guests may socialize, drink refreshments, and absorb in the ambiance before and after events. Accessible seating, assistive listening devices, and accommodations for clients with disabilities demonstrate the hall's commitment to accessibility. A journey to Bass Performance Hall is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of live performances, whether you're a seasoned arts aficionado or a first-time visitor. The beauty and power of the arts will surround you from the moment you enter this architectural marvel. Whether you're there for a symphony concert, a ballet performance, or a theatrical production, your time at Bass Performance Hall will be unforgettable.