Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre

Welcome to the Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre, where under the starry night sky the enchantment of the silver screen comes alive. This legendary drive-in theater, located in the center of Lakeland, Florida, transports you to the height of cinematic history and provides a nostalgic and magical movie-going experience unlike any other. Join us as we go through the realm of great movies, endearing charm, and treasured memories.

Rows of parked automobiles, each excitedly anticipating the start of the evening's cinematic adventure, welcome you as you approach the Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre. With a hint of old-world splendor, the historic marquee announces the featured movies. As you exit your car and join other movie buffs, families, and friends who have assembled to honor the art of film, you'll sense the excitement in the air.

The excitement increases once you get inside your automobile or prepare your warm area with blankets and seats. The massive screen comes to life with vivid colors as twilight falls and the sky turns into a canopy of sparkling stars, heralding the start of the show. The Drive-In Theater at Silver Moon